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Blue Cypress

In a world with no men and women - we're all created equal, imagine the smell of dew evaporating from new leaves and sun-baking linens freshly laundered on the river. Across the horizon, towering gums and eucalyptus fill the landscape as far as the eye can see, and beyond that, the blue of the sky and the deep orange of the great wilderness. Traveller, meet Earth. 

Born from the vastness of the Northern Territory, Blue Cypress was chosen by Sarah-Jane because of her recent trip to this wild and rugged region. At once sophisticated, grounding and invigorating, this genderless, unisex scent combines rich woods and exotic spices, anchored by the cobalt-coloured Australian Blue Cypress which provides a fragrant woody base. Lavender, exotic patchouli, clove and star anise ground the highly sensorial experience for a scent that, much like the landscape that inspired it, you won't likely forget.


100ml Perfume concentrate - Natural Spray
Origin: Kakadu, Northern Territory

Blue Cypress Australia
Lavender Bulgaria
Patchouli Indonesia
Clove Indonesia
Star Anise India

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