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Goldfield & Banks

Pacific Rock Moss

The sound of the waves crashing into sand and rock. The moss, it lingers, salty under the sun. The air is balmy, the water cold as it splashes onto warm skin. Jumping off the burning hot deck of a white boat and into the blue, emerging  refreshed on the other side as the tide tugs gently and the horizon sparkles and glows. Traveller, meet sea. 

A fresh perfume celebrating the southern coastline of New South Wales and the relaxed lifestyle it inspires, Pacific Rock Moss is as bright and uplifting as a day by the sea. Hand-picked by Sarah-Jane for her love of the raw beauty of the south coast of Sydney and the memories of her travels through the area, the fragrance is inspired by waves crashing upon sun-kissed rocks and long days that turn into warm Summer nights. A scent for man and woman, cedar-wood gives the fragrance a sturdy base on which to reveal a fresh, sea-spray scent that speaks of summer days diving into an azure sea. 


100ml Perfume concentrate - Natural Spray
Origin: South Coast, New South Wales

Australian Coastal Moss
Lemon Italy
Sage France
Geranium Egypt
Cedar Wood Virginia USA

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