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Travel Charm Chain Necklace | 9-Karat Gold

Our chunky charm chain is hand crafted from 9-karat gold using a paperclip design. The chain makes a perfect place to hang your own travel keep sakes or our SJC travel charms. 

"I have always loved how Charms bring back memories of familiarity and comfort. I remember listening to my mothers charm bracelet clanging and jangling when she would prepare something delicious for us for afternoon tea. She would tell us the stories of where each charm was from and their significance. For my 13th birthday, I was lucky enough to be given a charm bracelet from my parents which I treasure to this day. Throughout my life, I continued adding charms, each signifying a passage of time, a place I have visited or a special moment in life – allowing those memories to live on."

- Sarah-Jane Clarke, founder of SJC Made for Travel 

Materials: 9-karat gold


- Lobster clasp at back.

- Centre front loop opens to add your own charms.

- Length of necklace when measured flat is 25.5 cm 


- Please note:

- This item is pre-order, due April.

- Travel charms sold separately. 


Care Instructions:

We use only 9ct gold in our jewellery so it will not tarnish, rust or decay, however all gold jewellery requires some level of care to ensure it is always looking its best. Cleaning your piece from time to time, using a gold jewellery cleaner, rinsing in warm water and polishing with a jewellers polishing cloth with ensure your jewellery is clean and free from skin's oils, cosmetics and other chemicals that can reduce it's lustre. 


Store all jewellery separately in the box it came in or in a seperate compartment within a jewellery box to prevent scratching.